Audrey Mason

In everything Dave we give you and your wife 5 out of 5 stars. Also thanks so much for providing the back-up toss bouquet that the Florist failed to give me. I loved working with Dave and his wife Cathy. Dave was very organized and helped me with all music related aspects of my event. They where prompt and ready to go before anybody else. Friendly, Professional, Flexiable… I could go on and on. Oh, and the music was great too. I highly recommend TNG DJ Services to all.

Audry Mason

Bandon & Kelly

In all things we gave Dave and Cathy 5 out of 5 stars on all things. You where approachable, flexible and incredible to work with. You where very professional and yet low profile, patient and very accommodating. The music selection was everything that we wanted.

The dinner music was fabulous and all or our requests were honored. Your sound was perfect. Not to loud yet everyone could hear well. Our neighbors even loved it, And had their own dance going on. Yet you could still talk at the tables and enjoy the dancing.

Also thank you for the extra videos they where perfect. You value was Great we received everything and more than we expected. You where worth every penny that we paid. It was refreshing to feel that this was more than a job for you. You took an interest in Brandon & Kelly.

You where kind and caring, we were impressed with the flow of music and the music selections that appealed to all of our guests. We would not only recommend you we would have you back. Dave & Cathy thank you so much for such a “Cinderella” day. It was so special and we know that we couldn’t have done it with out you!! You where so fantastic!

Blessings Rhonda & David (Parents Of The Bride)


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